LCD Touch AC Controller with ambient light for 2013-2017 3 series F30 NBT&EVO


Model: EX-ALSF30AC

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AC Controller Air conditioning LED Touch with courtesy lighting for BMW 3 F30 NBT, EVO 2013-2018

  • Compatibility:

BMW 3 Series F30 (2013-2017) NBT
BMW 3 Series F30 (2018) EVO

  • Features:

LCD Touch G+G
Exclusive dual led
32 colors led light
Power off on in one click
Multifunction buttons
CPU: AT32F415RCT7, Core:ARM ® 32bit Cortex -M4 CPU Up to 150MHz, 256K bytes.
Display controller: TW8836, highly integrated LCD video processor.
It includes a high-quality NTSC/PAL/SECAM 2D video decoder and three high-speed RGB ADCs.
A high-quality scaler and de-interleaver, and a multi-function OSD MCU with high-performance output and LVDS or TTL panel breakout connector.
Support input resolution up to 1080p and LCD panel unit resolution up to 1366×768.

  • Function:

1. Raise/lower temperature
2. Air speed adjustment
3. Air distribution regulation
4. Seat heating adjustment
5. 32 color LED lighting
6. Sleep and wake (Rotate forward / backward)
7. Power off the button screen and power on (clockwise rotation).

Touch screen buttons:
1. Temperature UP/DOWN (Swipe left/right)
2. Air speed adjustment (swipe left/right)
3. Air distribution (Click)
4. Seat heating (Click)
5. 32-color LED lighting control (swipe left/right + click)
6. Check the version / turn off the screen (long press 3 seconds)

Button function:
1. A/C on (green), green light: on, no light: off
2. AUTO (green), green light: ON, no light: OFF
3. Airflow pattern (green),
A ON: Automatic internal/external circulation control
L ON: Internal circulation
A/M OFF: External circulation
4. MAX A/C: maximum air speed (green), green light: ON, no light: OFF
5. Front defrost switch FDEF (orange), orange light: ON, no light: OFF
6. RFOG rear defog switch (orange), orange light: ON, no light: OFF

  • There are 3 type, choose yours in optional:

Type 1 (NBT):

Type 2 (NBT):

Type 3 (EVO):

Important: Please, via email inform to us:

1. Image of the current dashboard of your car, of the air conditioning part.

2. The model and year of your car.

3. What is offered in this listing is the air control touch panel, not the car screen which will keep yours.

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