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9″ Android 13, Octa-Core UIS7862 4GB RAM DDR4+64GB ROM, BUILT IN 4G MODEM, 1280*720, QLED CURVE ARC GLASS 2.5D TOUCH SCREEN


OctaCore 8×1.8Ghz SAMSUMG DDR4 4GB RAM, 64GBROM, Video 4K and 1080P, 4G and WIFI BUILT-IN, USB, GPS, AM/FM WITH RDS



  • HYUNDAI i20 (2012-2014)
  • Choose in optional, there are 3 types according air conditioner style.
  • Compatibility:

Product Brand Series reference: DHG

Android 13 Octa Core

  • 9″ QLED Curve Arc Glass 2.5D HD Digital Multi-touch Screen Android 13 OCTA-CORE 64 BIT 4GB RAM+64GB ROM, DSP, MODEM 4G BUILT IN, WIRELESS CARPLAY / WIRED ANDROID AUTO BUILT IN, FULL HD Car Multimedia Player
  • Android 13 Operating System (Octa Core, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM)
  • QLED Screen with Greater Viewing Angle
  • DSP Built-in, 16 stage EQ regulation
  • 4G modem Built in, you can insert a SIM card
  • Curve Arc Glass 2.5D
  • The Most Powerful Hardware in Industry Ever
  • Wireless CarPlay and Wired Android Auto Built-in (ready to use, without extra cost)
  • Faster Wireless with Built-in Wifi
  • RCA Input and Output
  • Optic anf Fiber audio output
  • Split screen can use for 2 functions at same time.
  • Multi-touch Screen
  • 2xUSB
  • Full HD 1080P and 4K supported
  • Online Maps, Free to Navigate. Offline maps supported too.
  • Bluetooth handsfree and A2DP
  • Steering wheel control ok
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation
  • Built in mic and External Mic Included
  • Bring Convenience & Safety to your Journey
  • Extended Functions for more Enjoyable Use
  • Optional Accessories to Perfect your User Experience
  • 7 set of menu style included
  • Button color illuminatiion multi-color
  • At First Sight:
    Android 13
    Octa-Core 64 Bits, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM
    QLED Screen with Greater Viewing Angle
    Curve Arc Glass 2.5D
    1280*720: Superior Visual Enhancement
    4K and 1080P: Super-Clear Video
    Coaxial and optic audio output
    Wireless CarPlay & Wired Android Auto built in
    4G Built in for data, no for calls (for calls you can use BT hands free)
  • Android 13
    This unit is powered by the latest Android 13 operation system. You will have an even faster and smoother user experience which is more powerful than any of the previous in-car radio units ever brought to you.
  • The Most Powerful Hardware in Industry Ever
    1. Octa-Core Processor
    Octa-Core 64 bit is a new generation of high-end processor. Its high machine configuration gives you ultra-fast running speed and professional multi-task processing ability.
    More Possibilities
    1) Better Multi-tasking Performance
    2) Faster Internet Downloading & Video Decoding
    3) More 3D Games to Play
    2. 64GB ROM + 4GB RAM
    More space to download your favorite Apps and to browse websites, play games, run Apps, watch movies more smoothly.
  • QLED screen Curve Arc Glass 2.5D
    Better angle for vision, less disturb of sun.
  • Wireless CarPlay and Wired Android Auto built-in
    Ready to use, no extra cost
  • 4G modem Built-in
    You can insert a SIM card. For data, no for calls (For calls you can use BT hands free)
  • DSP Built-in
    16 Stage EQ regulation
  • Smarter User Interface Design
    Easy to touch UI design enables the driver to operate the unit easily and conveniently on the go.
    You can operate the music and radio on the home screen easily.
    One button acceleration helps you clear the cache and speed up the performance.
    7 menu styles included.
  • The Real High Definition Experience
    1. 4K and 1080P Full HD Video Enjoyment
    Playing games or watching videos without missing any details, high definition and vivid display, totally visual feasts.
    2. 1280*720 High Resolution, Multi-touch Screen
    1280*720 high pixel density provides amazing, vibrant video and visual effect. Multi-touch screen provides smooth and convenient operation on the way.
    3. QLED Screen with Greater Viewing Angle
    Greater viewing angle, 178º, clear picture.
  • Connecting and Sharing without Boundry
    1. Screen Mirroring Function
    Screen mirroring allows you to mirror your phone’s screen on unit. You can choose to read messages or watch videos directly on the big screen of this head unit instead of your phone. Just connect your phone and go.
    2. Full RCA Output
    Get your friends together and enjoy all the entertainment and features simultaneously on your unit via the RCA output function on other monitors.
    3. Dual Zone Function
    You can listen music, radio… while use GPS
  • Bring Convenience & Safety to your Journey
    1. Bluetooth
    Access phonebook, call logs, search contacts with name or numbers, make hands free calls, display unanswered calls, custom pairing code and listen to Bluetooth music.
    Hands Free Calls
    Bluetooth Music
    2. Online Maps, Free to Navigate (Also ok with offline maps)
    You can get access to different online maps such as Google Map, IGO, Sygic and more easily. Your long journey will no longer be bothered by the nightmare of getting lost.
    You download maps from the Google Play store.
    3.Steering Wheel Control ok
  • Extended Functions for more Enjoyable Use
    1. OBD2 – A Window for you to Diagnose your Car Status
    With OBD2 function available on this unit, you can retrieve realtime data and trouble codes from your vehicles computer. All the data from your vehicle is presented in an easy to read format.
    Note: OBD2 isn’t included (Optional)
    2. DAB+ Tuner Ready
    Enjoy the Audiophile-level Sound in your Car
    After connecting a USB radio tuner receiver via USB port, you can enjoy better sound quality and stronger digital audio broadcasting channels.
    DAB+ radio tuner receiver (Optional).
    4. DVR with ADAS function (Optional)
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation
    What will happen for your car stereo if your car’s interior temperature reach up to 60 Degrees Celcius? In most cases, the car stereo will crash in such a temperature. But this unit with its efficient heat dissipation will keep it in a stable temperature and allow work smoothly.
    Exhaust the additional heat via the 8.00mm thickened aluminum heat sink.
  • Optional Accessories to Perfect your User Experience
    Optional Accessories to make the stereo better suited to your needs.
    1. OBD2
    OBD02 (Optional) helps you make the OBD2 function available on this unit, thus you can diagnose your car’s status on unit.
    2. DVR with ADAS function
    External DVR (Optional) helps you record your journey on the road and ADAS function
    3. CAMERA
    Reversing camera (Optional) ensures the safety of your driving.
    Supports NTSC / PAL signal input
    4. DAB+
    DAB+ tuner (Optional) helps you get better sound quality and stronger receiving digital audio broadcasting, thus you can enjoy the best radio programme without distortion.
    5. TPMS, Tyre pressure monitor system (Optional)
  • Other Features that Enrich your In-Car Entertainment
    1. Built-in Radio Tuner (RDS Enabled)
    (Stations name ok)
    2. 2xUSB
    Max. 256GB
    4. 7 sets of menu style included
    5. 4*45W Surround Sound
    Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Flat, User, Voice
    6. Supports Multiple Menu Languages
    Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, Polish and over 70 others.

Product Notes:

  • This product has NOT DVD
  • This model is compatible with most brands of GPS software. As the seller, We provides the GPS-enabled hardware . We provides no warranty or customer support regarding GPS software. We cannot provide downloads , links, advice regarding GPS software.
  • Please Note: If you upgrade this android version or change internal firmware with a non official version, will void warranty of product. If you do it, is under your responsibility (except official upgrades send by us).

Package Content:

  • Android 13 OctaCore QLED Curve Arc Glass 2.5D Car GPS 4G Built In.
  • Power Wiring Harness
  • 2 x USB Cable
  • 1 x External Microphone
  • 1 x GPS Antenna
  • 1 x 4G antenna
  • 1 x WiFi antenna
  • 1 x Radio antenna adapter (Depend of model)
  • 1 x RCA Cable

Options (No extra shipping cost)

  • BLUETOOTH OBD2: +15 Euros

  • Universal Rear Camera (Color): +15 Euros

  • External DVR front record camera with ADAS (Warning anti-colision) with 16GB SD included: +40 Euro

Here you can see how works

  • Digital DAB + Radio Tunner: +35 Euros




  • TPMS, tyre pressure monitor system on screen, included sensors: +55 Euro

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