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Now with wired CarPlay built in (No Android Auto)

OPTIONAL: Modem 4G, DVR Camera with ADAS, Rearview Camera, DAB+, OBD2, TPMS, DVD loader, MAPS

  • JEEP WRANGLER (2011-2017)
  • CanBus included
  • Does not support Boston amplfier
  • There are 3 type, choose in options if you need A, B or C

9″ HD Touch Screen Arc Glass 2.5D Android 11 Radio GPS, 1080P vídeo, Mirrorlink, DSP built-in.

  • Smooth Hardware (AC8227L Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A7 4*1.5Ghz+2GB RAM DDR3+16GB ROM)
  • 9″ Capacitive Multi-Touch
  • DSP built-in, total sound control
  • Efficient heat dissipator
  • Firendly UI
  • Support 3 Zone, Full RCA out (You can use GPS in unit while you send music or video to additional monitors)
  • Wifi Built In
  • Split Screen (You can see and use 2 functions at same time)
  • Bluetooth with phonebook and favorites / Music A2DP
  • Support searching contacts calendar, you can synchronize your mobile phone’s bluetooth phonebook.
  • Supports external DVD, DAB +, DVR camera, TPMS, OBD2, 4G modem (Options)
  • External Mic included
  • Wired CarPlay built in
  • Resolution 1024*600
  • Radio FM/AM/RDS (Specific radio module for cars)
  • 3xUSB ports (Max.128GB)
  • Support steering wheel control (CanBus included)
  • GPS built in with antenna, support online and offline maps
  • Rear Camera in
  • Support Screen Mirroring Android & iOS
  • Support video 1080P
  • 4x45W

• Android 11
Created to bring out the best in the world’s most popular operating system, Android 11, with improved compatibility for applications and functions.

• Quad-Core
A combination of AC8227L Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A7 4*1.5Ghz with 2 GB RAM DDR3 and 16GB ROM, make this unit perfect for a fast open apps, play games, see video without problem and excelent performance and quality price is top.

• DSP Built-in
Total sound control, digital signal processor, control bass, balance, loudness, HPF, LPF, Equalizer in detail

• Friendly interface
The user interface has been designed to be very intuitive and to integrate perfectly in your vehicle.
Its intelligent design puts the most common functions at your fingertips and, therefore, minimizes distraction, allowing you to stay focused on the road ahead.

• 1080P Video
See movies with an awesome colour and resolution.
Equipped with the latest video decoder chipset, it supports 1080P video playback and is compatible with most video formats, allowing you and your passengers to watch your favorite movies while traveling. Please, driver, do not see the screen while driving!
3 Zone
In addition, you can have the GPS on screen and send movies or music to additional screens at same time.

• 9″ Touch Screen
High Definition, easy operation
The high resolution 9″ screen allows full system operation through touch screen technology and features the latest video technology for outstanding clarity, contrast and image resolution.
This allows navigation maps to be displayed in surprising detail, while movies or video clips become a true cinematic experience.

• Split Screen
Do two things at the same time
Through the split screen mode you can run two applications side by side on the screen, such as viewing the navigation map and viewing the audio playback information at the same time.
This eliminates the need to switch between different applications.
A change from full screen to split screen mode is achieved with a single slide on the screen.

• Mirrorlink
Share all from your mobile to screen
Screen duplication opens up a better way to use your smartphone on the road.
Simply connect your phone to the unit and open the EasyConnect application.
Any content from an Android or Apple iOS phone will be reflected on the unit’s screen to be displayed more securely and conveniently on the larger screen.
Note: Not all mobile phones support this function (but almost).

Keep connected
Go to internet in any moment
Integrated Wi-Fi, you can use your mobile phone as an access point to connect the device via WiFi. Or use optional 4G dongle.

• Bluetooth
Hands free calls and music
With an updated software and a Bluetooth module, the device supports calendar, contact search, favorites for quick call and streaming music via Bluetooth.

• Add digital channels to your unit (Receptor DAB optional)
The USB DAB tuner uses the most advanced digital technology to offer radio reception with excellent sound quality and no noise. Apart from the traditional AM / FM radio that the equipment has built in.
Note: DAB + is not included (Optional).).

• Built-in radio tuner
Comes with a built-in radio tuner, which stores up to 36 FM stations and 18 AM stations. RDS (Station name ok)

Multiple sources for entertainment
The device allows you to enjoy movies, music or videos from different sources, such as USB or AV.
You can also connect a digital TV DVB box to this unit to enjoy digital TV on the 9″ high resolution screen.
Note: The maximum USB capacity of 64 GB (HDD supports 128GB).

 GPS built-in
Never lost again
You can use different navigation applications such as Google Maps, Waze and iGO, etc. In this main unit, with your maps downloaded to it, you can even use them in offline mode

• Steering wheel control OK (CanBus included)
With the steering wheel control function, you can change songs, change channels and adjust the volume with the tip of your finger, keep your eyes on the road.

• OBD2
With the OBD2 function available on the unit, you can retrieve and view real-time data and ECU codes of your vehicle in the main unit.
Note: OBD is not included. (Optional)

• DVR input
A DVR camera will capture events that occur while driving, and will provide security features such as collision images. In addition the optional DVR camera has ADAS anti-collision function
Note: DVR is not included. (Optional)

• Rear camera input
A rear camera provides security and accuracy, which in turn increases the safety of others on the road.
Note: The rear camera is optional

Product Notes:

  • This product has NOT DVD. You can add optional USB DVD Player
  • This model is compatible with most brands of GPS software. As the seller, We provides the GPS-enabled hardware.
  • We provides no warranty or customer support regarding GPS software. We cannot provide downloads, links, advice regarding GPS software.
  • Please Note: If you upgrade this android version or change internal firmware with a non official version, will void warranty of product. If you do it, is under your responsibility (except official upgrades send by us).

Package Content:

  • 9″ Car Multimedia Android 11 DSP
  • Connectors
  • 3 x USB Cable
  • 1 x RCA Cable
  • 1 x GPS Antenna
  • 1 x Radio Antenna adapter (It depends on the model)
  • 1 x External Mic
  • 1 x CanBus

(Sin gastos de envío adicionales) Elija las opciones marcando las deseadas arriba.

  • OBD2: +15 Euros

  • Cámara Trasera Universal con líneas de referencia: +15 Euros




  • Cámara grabadora DVR frontal con ADAS (Aviso anti-colisión) con 16GB SD incluida: +40 Euros

Así funciona:

  • DAB/DAB+ (Radio Digital): +35 Euros
  • TPMS, presión neumáticos en pantalla, sensores incluidos: +75 Euros
  • Lector DVD por USB: +39 Euros
  • 16GB Pendrive USB con mapas de regalo: +10 Euros
  • Modem 4G libre: +37 Euros

¿Cómo saber si mi coche tiene OBD II? 

Muy sencillo, en el habitáculo del coche, generalmente en el lado del conductor por debajo del volante debe haber un conector, si este es de 16 pines es que lo tiene.

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