10.25″ 12.3″ CARPLAY+ANDROID AUTO+4G SNAPDRAGON 662 ANDROID 12 4/6/8GB RAM+64/128/256GB ROM 1920*720 GPS BMW 3 F30/F31/F34/F35 4 F32/F33/F36 NBT


Model: EX-LS6035

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10.25″ or 12.35″ QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 662 SM6115 8-CORE KYRO


4GB/6GB/8GB RAM DDR4+64/128/256GB ROM, SIM slot for 4G data, Wireless Carplay+Android Auto, Mirrorlink, Split Screen function, 1920*720 FULL HD, GPU ADRENO 610

You can use the ID8 UI style:

4G Built in (MicroSIM slot, for data) For Europe and Asia (Rest of the world ask us first).


Multilanguage, Support BMW CanBus, keep iDrive , Steering Wheel Control ok…

  • What versions available?
  • Android 12 (G4L):
  • 6 Versions, Choose in optional:
    – 10.25″ 4GB RAM+64GB ROM (1920*720 Blue Ray)
    – 12.3″ 4GB RAM+64GB ROM (1920*720 Night Ray) +23 Euros
    – 12.3″ 4GB RAM+64GB ROM (1920*720 Blue Ray) +41 Euros
    – 10.25″ 6GB RAM+128GB ROM (1920*720 Blue Ray) +14 Euros
    – 12.3″ 6GB RAM+128GB ROM (1920*720 Night Ray) +36 Euros
    – 12.3″ 6GB RAM+128GB ROM (1920*720 Blue Ray) +54 Euros
    – 10.25″ 8GB RAM+256GB ROM (1920*720 Blue Ray) +59 Euros
    – 12.3″ 8GB RAM+256GB ROM (1920*720 Night Ray) +81 Euros
    – 12.3″ 8GB RAM+256GB ROM (1920*720 Blue Ray) +100 Euros
  • Screen types with different Anti-Glare level:
    Nigh ray: 
    “Night Mode”, good grade
    Blue ray: 
    Anti-glare superior grade.


Multilanguage, keep iDrive, keep Steering wheel controls, …

  • 2013-2016 NBT
  • BMW 3 Series F30 (Berlina)
  • BMW 3 Series F31 (Touring)
  • BMW 3 Series F34 (GT Gran Turismo)
  • BMW 3 Series F35 
  • BMW 4 Series F32 (Coupe)
  • BMW 4 Series F33 (Cabrio)
  • BMW 4 Series F36 (Gran Coupe)
  • May be some cars from 2013 which can show CIC original menu but if LVDS its 4+2 (6) pin, this unit its compatible.
  • Important: Please, in comment for your order or via email it is important inform to us about:

1. Send us a picture of your original screen with main menu on screen

2. Car Model and Year.

3Do you have NBT system?. IF YOU HAVE ORIGINAL EVO THE COMPATIBLE MODEL IS OTHER  (If you don´t know with picture of your unit with main menu on screen we will know)

  • Compatible in cars with/without Optic fiber amplifier.
  • Compatible in cars with/without Original Navigation
  • Support ALL Original functions.
  • Support your Original Radio AM/FM (Will use your original radio system).
  • Support your Original Bluetooth if you have. If you have not bluetooth in your original unit, don´t wory, this product add Bluetooth handsfree and A2DP BT music, access to phonebook….
  • Support Idrive control in Android Menu also.
  • Support Idrive control in original Menu
  • Support Original camera
  • Support Original PDC, Parking trajectory/Radar.
  • Support Original CD/DVD loader
  • 10.25″ or 12.3″ FULL HD screen Digital Multi-Touch Android 12 OCTA-CORE 4/6/8GB RAM+64/128/256GB ROM 1920*720 FULL HD Multimedia GPS
  • Snapdragon 662 (SM6115)
  • 8-Core: Kryo 260, 64bit at 2.0Ghz, Samsung 11nm
  • 4G LTE built in, MicroSIM slot for data, Support 4G networks from  Europe and Asia, other areas, ask us first
  • Change screen, keep your original functions.
  • Keep iDrive
  • Wifi Dual Band built in (2.4Ghz y 5Ghz)
  • Dual Zone: You can listen radio, music… while use GPS.
  • Full HD
  • Support Online and Offline maps. We include maps as gift.
  • Bluetooth (Keep your original), if have not, will add.
  • Steering Wheel Control ok
  • 2xUSB (Max. 256GB), MicroSD (Max. 128GB)
  • GPS Glonass, Galileo…
  • Wireless CarPlay+Android Auto, built in

No customs tax in shipments to European Union

We send to all the world

  • At First Sight:
    Android 12 Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 (SM6115) Octa-Core Kryo 260, 64bit
    10.25″ or 12.3″ Capacitive Multi-Touch screen Full HD
    Resolution: 1920*720
    4K, 1080P: Super-Clear Video
    8 cores: 4 cores A73 (2.0GHz) and 4 A53 (1.8GHz)
    4/6/8GB RAM+64/128/256GB ROM
    GPU ADRENO 610
    4G LTE built in
    Android 12
  • Keep all, add more:
    With this unit you will keep all your original functions, no matter if your car has original amplifier or not, if your car has original GPS or not, you can install this unit. You will keep idrive steering wheel controls, PDC, original menu. And you will add an amazing screen and functions, idrive also will work in android menu.
  • Screen:
    Size: 10.25″ or 12.3″ Full HD Capacitive Multi-Touch.
    Resolution: 1920*720
    Language: Multiple languages.
    4K HD video; H.264( AVC), H.265 (HEVC)
  • Menu Style:
    Can choose in unit settings. Split screen function
  • 4G LTE Built-in:
    No need to worry for internet connection, with a microSIM slot you can use your sim card and connect to your operator 4G network for fast speed. For all networks. its a built in 4G modem for data (no for calls, for calls you can use the bluetooth hands free). Note: The 4G module is for Europe and Asia, if you order for North America, Mexico, Argentina.. ask us as need different module
  • Radio:
    You will keep your original radio tunner, and keep all the original functions.
  • Bluetooth:
    You will keep your original bluetooth, if you have not, add Bluetooth for calls and music A2DP, with built mic. Note: You can choose built in mic or external mic, no both, choose in optional (We suggest choose external mic).
  • Multimedia:
    You will keep your original CD/DVD
    USB Max. 256GB
  • Clever desing and smooth work:
    The hardware is now really power to move new functins smoothly.
  • GPS:
    Hardware GPS with GPS antenna included. Maps as gift when possible. Support online and offline maps.
    No more overheating
    Dual Zone: You can listen music while use GPS.
  • Wireless CarPlay+Android Auto:
    With Wireless and wired CarPlay+Android Auto (Wireless or wired according to the mobile) built in, no extra cost
  • Wifi:
    Built In Wifi 2.4G and 5G
  • Other features:
    Google Play works ok.
    Support 1080P and 4K Video
    Support RMVB, MKV, MP4, H264, AVI, RMV, MP3, WMA, AAC, and more (android, you know)
    Easy change between original and new functions
    AV IN
    You can add a rear camera optional (also support original rear camera if you have)
    Apps, Navigation, Video, Audio, Supports Google Maps, WAZE, Sygic, iGO, HERE Maps, and many many more

Product Notes:

  • This is a tailored product, you choose memory and configuration. Cannot return if no problems. Of course you have european warranty.
  • This model is compatible with most brands of GPS software. As the seller, We provides the GPS-enabled hardware and free maps when possible. We provides no warranty or customer support regarding GPS software. We cannot provide downloads, links, advice regarding GPS software.
  • Please Note: If you upgrade this android version or change internal firmware with a non official version, will void warranty of product. If you do it, is under your responsibility (except official upgrades send by us).

Package Content:

  • Android 12 OctaCore Snapdragon 662 Car GPS 4G Wifi Multimedia System.
  • 1 x Specific power Harness
  • 1 x Audio Cable
  • 2 x USB
  • 1 x GPS Antenna
  • 1 x 4G Antenna


  • Leds Ambience, 6 colour leds, 8 meters cable with app control: +30 Euros

  • Normal Universal Rearview Camera: +15 Euros
  • AHD 1080P Universal Rearview Camera: +25 Euros
  • Normal Specific Rearview Camera (Check dimensions, not allow to return for no check): +35 Euros

  • AHD 1080P Specific Rearview Camera (Check dimensions, not allow to return for no check): +35 Euros

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